Fine-grained gluten-free oat flakes


Do you want to start your day nicely? In this case, head to the kitchen and prepare a bowl of soul-warming porridge from Viblance natural and gluten-free oats. Create with delicious ingredients like fresh fuits, crunchy nuts, cinnamon and sweeten to your liking. Add your favourite plant milk or water and start your day with energy. Due to its neutral taste, oatmeal is not only excellent for breakfast. Use it in your favorite dishes, for example in soups, dumplings, as bread-crumbs, as a base for oat pancakes. Use it to bake muesli bars or oat crackers. Enjoy the healthy benefits of whole grains in any meal and at any time of the day!

Serving Size: 600g

Unit price: 1,733 Ft /kg

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Why is it good for you?

Viblance oatmeal is 100% whole grain and an excellent source of fiber. Oats have countless beneficial properties: rich in antioxidant, protein and minerals. It is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, and has a high content of vitamins E and B.It contains beta-glucan which helps maintain blood cholesterol at an optimal level, thereby contributing to a healthy cardiovascular system. It also has a good effect on stimulating digestion, fills you up for a long time, so you won’t be hungry after an hour or two.

Nutrition facts in 100 g:

Calories: 373 kcal/ Total fat: 6.8 g/ Carbohydrate: 59.5 g/ Fiber: 9.7 g/ Protein: 13.2 g

Gluten free




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Weight 600 g