My name is David. I’m the co-founder of Viblance. I’m a student of life who’s spent the last decade studying and building companies – like Viblance. This is my journey of helping others with what I learnt along the way.

How I Help

Some call it coaching or mentorship. They are big words but I have to give it a name. I want to help people who want to do something meaningful for themselves and others, as a freelancer or a company. I had some good wins but a lot more bumpy roads with Viblance and my other companies that I think could help others.

I like to keep it simple by asking the right questions, from sharing stories and experiences to finding the mental models and business frameworks to make your next step tangible. 

It’s free. I don’t ask anything for this, except for your desire to make something happen.

For you?

In a way, all companies face the same questions and struggles at one point in their journey. It just has to be meaningful to you and others. This could range from event, marketing/social media agencies to fashion, food, health, beauty and other type of companies.


Artists, trainers, nutritionists, shops… who want to take it a step further,…


Find entrepreneurial ways to create new products or services where you work…

Thinking about starting your company

Stress testing your idea, team, product or service,… 


Just starting

Stabilizing your company, introducing processes,…

Why I do It

When I started my first company in 2013, startups weren’t trendy. There was also little content available. Things are different now. You can find a lot of great books, podcasts and blogs that help you with tools and frameworks to launch and grow a company. There is also a lot of noise. What I sometimes miss is the glue to bind everything together into an order, and factors in something we call life. There is family, work and the world around you that happens in the meantime. I have been trying to  find the signal in all of this noise and learn by trial and error. This is what I want to share with others because it helps when you are not alone in your journey.


About me

I’m born and raised in Belgium. My early career started in strategy consulting but this wasn’t really for me. Just before getting my big promotion I decided to quit. I was given the chance to join a startup incubator from Silicon Valley and start my first software company.

I moved to Hungary in 2017 where I started Viblance together with Zsolt. We literally started in a garage. Naive but full of dreams we wanted to help people eat better because food is medicine, especially when it’s wholesome and plant-based. We saw everything and climbed many mountains, from covid, inflation to the war and political surprises. But what kept us going were our customers and true fans that we owe everything to, something which I believe anyone can achieve when you do something of value and meaning. 

If you are intrigued so far, then don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m curious to learn what you are working on 🙂.