Viblance Starter Pack Mini


We’ve put together a starter pack so you can try out as many of our products as possible as easily as possible. We have put the most popular of each product category into the starter pack.

You can order products worth 8,410 ft for 4,990 ft. Contents of the starter pack:

  • Chocolate Magic Super Porridge
  • Coco & Choco Crispy Muesli
  • Pecan Granola
  • 5 pieces of 60 gram granola, one piece of each taste
  • Free delivery

The value of the three large-packaged products is 4,970 ft, and the total value of the 60-gram packs is 2,450 ft, plus the transport fee is 990 ft.

The value of the products in the package is 8,410 ft. Instead, you can order the full package for 4,990 ft, including shipping!

This is guaranteed to be the best way to try out as many of our products as possible in one round.

We can’t change the contents of the package, but if you want to taste a product that is not in the package, feel free to put it in the cart, you can order it with the package.

IMPORTANT: if the Viblance Starter Pack available at a discounted price is in your cart, your granola gift coupon code (or any other coupons) cannot be validated in the same order due to the discounted price of the Starter Pack. You can use the granola gift coupon at any time without a time limit for the next order. Thank you for your understanding!


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