Lemon & Chia Granola Bar


Imagine that deliciously sweet cake with lemon cream, that you would make at home or find in a bakery. That’s the taste you will find in this granola bar. It’s a nutritious blend of granola with a fruity note of lemon. The natural sweetness comes from dates which we mixed in a creamy blend of roasted cashew nut butter.

Price per kg

  • 13,618 Ft/kg for one bar
  • 12,363 Ft/kg for 4-pack
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Made in a gluten-free facility.


Gluten-free granola 49% (oats, date paste, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed, coconut flakes, puffed millet, puffed quinoa, pumpkin seed protein, chia seeds 1.5%, cold pressed lemon oil 0.4%, sea salt, cinnamon, ginger), dates, date paste, cashew nut butter 9.2%.

  Nutrition Facts   100g   55g
  Energy   1675 kj / 400kcal   921kj /     220kcal
  Fat   15 g   8,1 g
  – Of which saturated fat   4 g   2,2 g
  Carbohydrates   56 g   31 g
  – Of which sugar   28 g   16 g
  Fiber   7,5 g   4,1 g
  Protein   8,6 g   4,7 g
  Salt   0,17 g   0,1 g



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1 bar (55g), 4 bars (4x 55g)